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Cockroach Control

The Cockroach is one of the most common urban pests found in human dwelling all over the world, especially in multifamily housing units. Many people feel frustrated or do not know to properly get rid of cockroaches.

Here, we provide some basic information about cockroaches. Cockroach Species in Indiana, the most common cockroach species in houses is the German cockroach, American cockroach & Brown Banded cockroach, which are actually found worldwide.

Cockroaches and Human Health Cockroaches walk everywhere in the houses, drop feces, and spoil food. They shed their skins as they grow and also produce unpleasant smells when their numbers become large. Prolonged exposure and inhaling allergens from their skins and feces can caused allergies and asthma. They are capable of spreading cockroach-caused allergies, asthma typhoid, dysentery, Food poison, hepatitis, and leprosy.

Method Cockroach Control

Gel Treatment :

They come in a syringe. Apply numerous spots at cockroach hiding places or active areas. Each spot only needs a pea-size amount. In areas where large numbers of cockroaches exist, a peanut-size amount of gel may be needed at each spot.

Spray Treatment :

Aerosol sprays used to be the main method residents could use to control cockroaches. Aerosol spray are directly sprayed into areas where cockroaches hide and where they are active in order to kill them.

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