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Company Profile

Max's Services & Solution provides Pest management services. It's Pest Management services are today still family owned and orperated. We have doing new level by implementing new and improved technology in combating today's pest management challenges.

We are committed to providing the same superior customer service as always. It's Pest management services states with pride that many of their current regular service clients are original customers from the early year, who refer their friends and family to us regularly. Residential and commercial clients enjoy prompt, personal service that only an independent operator can consistently provide.

When it comes to protecting your commercial and residential property from termites and other destructive insects, we guarantee a safe effective and professional job every time. Through years of education, training, modern technology and years of experience, we will be able to provide your real estate with the best protection possible.

We must appreciate the fact that CHEMICAL CONTROL is NOT the only way to control pests, it is one of the tool and techniques involved in managing pest population to a near zero threshold. Pest management services is not an option it's a basic necessity to take care to human health by keeping inhabited areas in pest free & hygienic state thereby putting a check over spread of deadly diseases, destruction of property and contamination of food.

Some of the tools and techniques adopted to address the challenges by pest are:

  • The meaning of inspection (SEEK OUT THE SOURCE), pest identification, treatment strategy deficiencies (exclusion).
  • Explaining Dos and Don'ts.
  • Follow-up and monitoring service and/or checkups to prevent resurence of pest outbreak.

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Mobile : 9828610673, 9782161986


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