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General Pest Control

We are Affordable & Reliable General Pest Control Company in Jaipur(Rajasthan) with extensive knowledge and advanced technology to control unwanted and dangerous invaders. Our Customized Pest Control Services Usually helps to get rid of any kind of pest. As not all pests are same, but our experts identify and give the treatment to the root of pest problem. After the thorough inspection of the area our experts will give treatment that effectively targets your pest problems. You can have faith for all your general pest problems and call us to use the best treatment application to curb your pest activities.

General Pest Control is able to offer a full range of solutions to combat the encroachment of unwanted pests. We are an expanding company, operating predominately in the Herts, Beds and Bucks area. Our company policy is to provide a professional, high quality service by motivated staff ensuring both an effective and efficient solution to fit all our customers’ requirements.


Their insect order is Blattodea and gave rise to the termites over 300 million years ago. They are regarded as pests because of a number of factors, some being their characteristic odor, reproductive abilities, contamination of food by their droppings and regurgitations and the spread of diseases.

Pest control operators are often asked by clients? Aren’t cockroaches supposed to be one of the cleanest animals because of the grooming habits? They consume food and faeces of man and animals, harboring diseases such as Salmonella, Diarrhea and Typhus..


Ants generally become a problem in houses and other buildings when their nests have become disturbed after rain, or conversely, during dry weather to look for water. Poor household hygiene and pet’s bowls also draw them indoors. Outside conditions such as sandy areas, pavers and garden pots also are favorable conditions for ants.


Bed-bugs are usually found in unhygienic conditions inside bedrooms as their name implies. They have a flattened appearance before a blood feed and are about five millimeters long with the look of a rather wide flea, reddish brown in color.

They hide under the buttons and in creases of old mattresses, behind wallpaper, skirting boards and cracks in the floor. They are wingless so they can’t fly or jump like the flea. They are active during the night and have been known to drop from ceilings onto beds.

They can survive without a blood feed for up to a year. Bites can cause welts to appear on the skin with three rows of puncture marks being characteristic. Itchiness and irritation affect some people more than others.

Carpet Beetles

There are two different species of Carpet Beetle which are fabric pests, the Variegated Carpet Beetle and the Black Carpet Beetle. It is only the larva of these species that feeds on fabrics such as woolen carpets (they do not attack synthetic carpets), fur, silk and feathers etc.

The adults feed on pollen from flowers. Bringing fresh flowers into a building that contains the adult beetles is often the origin of the infestation. boards. The entire carpet area must be fan sprayed with a residual insecticide.


Man creates the ideal environment for rats and mice by providing a constant source of food, water and harborage. Rodent control is necessary and desirable because rodents spread disease either through direct contact or as a vector for another organism.

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