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Anti Termite Treatments

Termites, also called white ants. They live in colonies, where they work and operate in a well-defined system of order. The reproductive termites (known as the "king" and "queen") maintain the termite population., the workers are those termites which eat wood, and the soldiers keep the colony in order and protect each nest. Both soldiers and workers are blind.

Termite colonies are formed in nests within wood or soil. Each nest is airtight and has a seal so strong.

It is able to maintain an extremely high humidity level. Despite their reputation, less than 10-percent of the termite population is known to be destructive.

They consume wood and other cellulose and usually live underground in large colonies. These creatures cause significant damage to human structures every year. Treating a building for termites as it is built is the most effective method. Today it's necessary to apply an anti-termite treatment.

There are two type of anti termite treatments

Pre construction Anti-termite Treatments:

Prevention is always wiser and less expensive no matter what pest you have to deal with, but this is especially true with termites. There is no absolute, 100% way to prevent termites from investing your home; however, pre-treating your property before an addition is added can improve your chances of staying termite free. With pre-treatment, the goal is to create a chemical barrier in the soil that will stop termites from surfacing and attacking the wood in

your home. Once you have your chemical barrier in place, it will protact your home for years to come.

Performed as per IS specifications (NO.6313) and we offer customized packages to keep this menacing pest away.

Post disinfestation Anti-termite Treatments:

Unique combination of Drill-Fill-Seal method is involving treatment of Scatting Level (Floor-wall junction), wooden and masonry surface treatment (box type fixtures) and optional service of electricity conduit treatment with special blowing technique (in concurrence with IS specifications)

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