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Water Proofing Service

Water leakages are very common and widely observed problem in building. Water leakage can be due to several reasons like porosities, honeycombs, cavitations, capillary channels, bad workmanship etc. All these reasons form cracks in the plaster or concrete, through which water can travel and damage building.

In case of leakage developed, the reinforcement gets corroded by oxidation & rust formation, which ultimately generate cracks & disintegrates the concrete. Thus, concrete loses its strength and resulting in failure of the structure. In most of cases, water acts as carrier for harmful chemicals like salts of chlorides, sulphates, alkalis, acids, etc. And all these may badly corrode concrete or reinforced steel. Water may also come out from the concrete, plaster and evaporates from the surface, leaving salts and alkalis back which reacts with paint, and forms patches. Waterproofing is an integral part for construction of a building because it protects it and the people who live in it, from the severe and unrelenting effects of weather and the environment.

A scientific approach towards waterproofing is highly essential to avoid leakages and its harmful effects of premature deterioration of the building and other concrete infrastructure facilities.

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